Professional Programming provides structure Cabling according to the standard defined by EIA/TIA of the followings:

* UTP/STP cabling for Data/VoIP and Video Cable Laying

* Fiber Optic Indoor and Outdoor Cable Laying including civil work

* Data Center Cabling and Cormack Dressing , Labeling and Testing

* Data Center Raise Flore, Gypsum Board, Aluminum Rooms

Passive Network Solutions:-

* UTP/STP & Fiber Patch Panels

* UTP/STP & Fiber Outlets I/Os

* UTP/STP & Fiber Face Plates

* Fiber Shelf

* Fiber Splicing and Termination

Passive Components & Data Center:-

* Data Center Raise Floor.

* AC and Fire Alarms and Fire fighting

* Cable Trays

* Cable Pulling

* UTP and Fiber Termination.

* Network Cabinets with Fan and Power

* Cable Organizers and Patch Panels

* KVM Switches and PDU